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Our Wednesday hours are: 8:30am - 4:00pm

For Our Patients

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You are probably reading this because your veterinarian has recommended you have a veterinary eye specialist look at your pet's eyes.

When they said that, I am sure the following two thoughts quickly crossed your mind;

" There are eye specialists for pets?" (the answer is yes and you can find out more here) and,

"How are they going to check my pet can see, because as far as I know, my pet can't read".

While it would be nice if we could display a pet specific eye chart and ask them to read each of the lines, it is only on TV and in the Movies that this works out. Plus we would need to have a lot of eye charts in different animal languages.

So in the absence of your pet talking to us about the problem, we need to look to see what is happening to diagnose the cause of the eye problem. This is just like how your own ophthalmologist or optometrist would examine a young child.

We provide the following services;

Eye Exams

Eye Surgery

OFA exams

Your family veterinarian will send us information about your pet when they request a referral appointment. To help us understand how we can provide the best eye-care for your pet, we would like to ask if you could also provide us with some additional information. Please print out the New Patient form and bring it to your pet's appointment or e-mail it to us at Office@myeyevet.ca

If you are unable to print this out or have misplaced the one we sent you, you can;

Call the Office 519-654-2040

or e-mail the clinic office Office@myeyevet.ca

and we can post or e-mail a copy to you.

For more information on what is involved in an eye exam for your pet, please click here or on the drop down menu under Our Services/Our Patients at the top of the page.